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Fabryka Farb i Lakierów Śnieżka SA, the main company of the Śnieżka Group, is a leading manufacturer of paints and varnishes in Poland and in Central and Eastern Europe. At present, it is the only company in the industry which is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and the only one controlled by Polish capital.

Śnieżka conducts continuous research and development activity to improve its market offering, which is facilitated among others by its own specialized research lab, which was accredited by the Polish Accreditation Center in 2007, becoming the only entity of this kind in the industry. Through the advanced R&D Center and cooperation with reputable international raw material suppliers, Śnieżka develops innovative solutions guaranteeing the top quality of its products. By keeping track of global interior design trends and cooperating with recognized Polish designers and architects, Śnieżka is able to offer top quality products with a broad choice of colors providing inspiration for millions of apartments in tens of countries. The company’s products for protecting and decorating various surfaces reached as many as 33 export markets in 2016.

Śnieżka Group has approximately 1000 employees. Plants located in Poland, Ukraine and Belarus manufacture approximately 140 million liters of various construction chemical products for the domestic and international markets. Śnieżka is an innovative company, which operates on the basis of a clearly defined catalog of values and has been committed to supporting the public through its CSR activity for more than ten years.

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Our mission is to ensure dynamic growth of the Company’s shareholder value by offering our customers a broad range of modern products which make life more colorful and offer joy of staying in the places in which they spend most of their time and which we help make more beautiful.
We accomplish this while building an inspirational work environment and the sense of true partnership between all stakeholders of FFiL Śnieżka SA.


Śnieżka is a dynamic and innovative Group that builds upon its long years of experience, knowledge of local markets and cutting-edge technologies, setting trends in its category.


One of the subsidiaries developed a list of Organizational Values with input from its entire team. The Values are an inseparable element of developing the high engagement culture in the Company and an important tool supporting the effective fulfillment of its strategic goals. Śnieżka’s organizational values constitute its DNA, determining the rules for its activity and setting the foundation for behaviors at all levels of the organization, while supporting the achievement of ambitious business objectives.

Representation of the company

Supervisory Board

Composition of the Supervisory Board appointed on 2 June 2014 for the seventh term of office.

Reprezentacja firmy

Zbigniew Łapiński Supervisory Board Member

Jerzy Pater Supervisory Board Deputy Chairperson

Stanisław Mikrut Supervisory Board Secretary

Stanisław Cymbor Supervisory Board Chairperson

Dariusz Orławski Supervisory Board Member

Management Board

Composition of the Management Board appointed on 5 June 2015 for the seventh term of office.

Reprezentacja firmy

Piotr MikrutPresident of the Management Board

Joanna Wróbel-Lipa Vice-President of the Management Board – Sales Director

Witold Waśko Vice-President of the Management Board – Economic Director

Rozpoczecie produkcji

Start of paint production

Spolka akcyjna

Establishment of Śnieżka Spółka Akcyjna


Start of production in Ukraine


Start of production in Belarus


First listing on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

2004 Magnat

Market launch of the Magnat brand


New brands on the market: Vidaron, Foveo Tech, Beston, Senseo

2012 Zmiana brandu

New visual identity of the Śnieżka brand

2012 Satyna

The first satin finish paint in ready-made colors launched on the Polish market

2013 Ceramic.

The first ceramic paint in ready-made colors introduced to the Polish market

2017 Magnat

Market launch of an innovative paint with a formaldehyde-reducing formula

Our brands
logo śnieżka
Nowoczesne fabryki

Modern manufacturing facilities producing approximately 140 million liters of various construction chemical products.

Jedna z wiodących marek

One of the leading brands on the Polish, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Moldovan markets.

1000 Pracowników

1000 employees in the Group.

Bogate portfolio

Extensive portfolio of products for protection and decoration of various interior and exterior surfaces.

polski kapitał

The only company in the industry controlled by Polish capital.

Akredytowane Laboratorium Badawcze

The only company in the industry with an accredited research laboratory.

Innowacyjne rozwiązania

Our own Research and Development Center. Innovative solutions and new technologies.

Ponad 30 lat doświadczeń

More than 30 years of experience on the construction chemicals market (since 1984). The main company in the Śnieżka Group.

 Giełdzie Papierów Wartościowych

The only company in the industry listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

ktywność w zakresie społecznej odpowiedzialności biznesu

Corporate social responsibility activity - our own foundation and social programs.