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Product offering development

Śnieżka Group continues to develop its product offering, which is shown through market launches of new products and modifications of the current offering. In the reporting period, the main company launched sales of new polymer-gypsum finish putty ST 12 Start Pro under the Acryl-Putz brand, while the Acryl-Putz FS 20 Finisz ready-to-use putty received a new improved formula. The Vidaron brand offering was expanded by two new products: Decorative and Protective Preservative and Decorative and Protective Preservative and Coating, which replaced the earlier version of the product. The color palette of certain products also changed in the 2016 season, as Supermal oil and phthalate enamel and a chlorinated rubber paint were introduced into the product offering as well as new, attractive colors of the Śnieżka Na dach roof paint. In the period, the Group also worked on the development of new products, which were launched in 2017. Several new products were added to the Magnat brand portfolio, including Magnat Sypialnia Pokój Dziecka, an innovative paint with a set color palette featuring a technology that eliminates formaldehyde from air. It is the only such product available on the Polish market offered in a set color palette and in broad distribution. The Vidaron brand portfolio has been expanded by new products, such as: Renovation Wood Preservative, Garden Furniture Oil, Deck Oil or Ultra Resistant Stain & Varnish. A new concept named Śnieżka My Deco has been prepared as part of the development work, which is an offering of products dedicated to those who want to change their surroundings quickly and easily: paint furniture or any decorative elements in new colors.

In addition to new formulas, changes in color palettes of some products were introduced for the 2017 season, to keep up with current trends.
The Group also continues to develop of products dedicated to the export markets. For the Śnieżka Ukraine subsidiary, formulas have been prepared for new emulsion interior and facade paints. The Śnieżka BelPol subsidiary introduced new interior paints, Śnieżka Super Latex and Śnieżka Design Lux, to its offering, which are used for dyeing paint in the coloring system using the NCS color notation.


Marketing activity

For every season, the Śnieżka Group plans a number of activities supporting the sales of its products. Those include activities conducted in various media outlets and ones carried out directly in the selling locations. For the 2016 season, the parent company prepared a new advertising campaign for the Polish market: “Śnieżka Satynowa works in every role”. For the Vidaron and Magnat brands, the activities continued with the communication premiered in the 2015 season. In addition to television, which remains the main advertising medium, FFiL Śnieżka SA has been actively using Internet for a variety of activities, Which include, among others, cooperation with bloggers and presence in the social media. The Company uses similar tools to support its other brands, including Śnieżka Acryl-Putz putties and Foveo-Tech insulation system products. The selling locations where purchasing decisions are made are another important point of contact with the consumer. Accordingly, the Company prepares various merchandising solutions that ensure the proper exposure of the products, while making it easier to make purchasing decisions. The Group’s most intensive advertising efforts are conducted in Poland; in other countries, the campaigns are conducted by the subsidiaries and are focused on advertising communication in the Internet and in the selling locations.
Contractors are important users of the Company’s products; contemporary education is a material element of campaigns targeted at this group. For the 2016 season, the parent company prepared an innovative training program conducted on the territory of Poland in a Mobile Training Center. The custom-made vehicle is an independent, modern unit with multimedia equipment that allows a training program to be delivered to 25 users, both inside and outside of the vehicle. In the reporting period the Śnieżka Ukraine subsidiary also conducted educational campaigns addressed to various groups. Additionally, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the company carries out an educational project for construction trade schools. In those schools, Education Centers are created where theoretical and practical education on the application of the Company’s products is provided to student painters, plasterers, carpenters; training for teachers is also provided. In 2016, two such Centers were opened and the activities will be continued in the coming years

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