Corporate social responsibility

Within the Śnieżka Group, corporate social responsibility activities affect all the areas of its operation and both internal and external stakeholders. The best practices in this area have been implemented for many years now. In 2016, they were supplemented by the implementation of the Book of Organizational Values, which defines precisely how the assumed business goals are to be fulfilled by every team member and identifies the attitudes and behaviors encouraged by the Company to build accountability for quality of all the processes carried out at all levels in the organization. This approach has efficiently promoted socially-responsible attitudes in all respects of the Parent Company’s operation. Those areas were defined as the four key categories.


The conviction that employees are the key resource and also the best ambassadors for the Group is the basis for the broadly defined CSR activities in respect to the personnel. Development of a team, which not only identifies with the Company but also actively contributes to its value creation, is an important part of its operation. In 2015, in a new stage of building a high engagement culture, the Parent Company took strategic steps towards the development and activation of employees. Through an ever-expanding offering of available training courses, workshops and conferences as well as various types of study and language courses, it continued to manage the staff competence improvement process. The internal magazine, which has been published in the Polish and Ukrainian branch of the Group for many years and the employee newsletter introduced in 2016 have contributed materially to the building of communication between employees. In order to maximize access of line employees to information, an information platform in the form of screens located in all the production and warehouse units has been implemented in the Parent Company. Employees of the Parent Company may also access an attractive package of social benefits, which include among others: different forms of leisure and entertainment that promote integration, including among others: domestic and international trips, picnics or camps for children. The offer also includes: cinema tickets, co-financing of meals and St. Nicholas’ Day gifts for the youngest children.


Diligence in ensuring the quality and safety of production processes is the key aspect of the Group’s responsible approach to the natural environment. It stems from the conviction that, as a manufacturer of chemical products, the Company is obligated not only to comply with the imposed environmental standards but also to develop its own best practices in this respect. The philosophy of environmentally-friendly operations contributes materially to the high quality of our products. The environmentally-friendly solutions used in the products are collectively managed through the “Green Idea” philosophy implemented by the Group, including among others internal certifications awarded to products with the highest pro-environmental standards. Through the use of innovative research technologies enabling the development of innovative technological solutions, the Group is able to markets products that are fully safe for the environment.

The effectiveness of such efforts is confirmed by environmental certificates awarded to Śnieżka’s products, including among others the “Ecolabel” certificate. In order to protect the environmental resources of Group companies, their impact on the environment is monitored on an ongoing basis. New undertakings and investments are made in consultations with the environmental protection authorities. As part of the broadly defined social responsibility relating to the natural environment, best practices in this respect are also promoted among the Company’s employees. Such activities include, among others, the possibility of using waste segregation bins in the company or showing care for the environment by striving to limit the printing of e-mail materials.


Transparency of the Group’s business processes is the basis of its activity. By building a broad market offering based on multi-channel sales, the Group focuses on an in-depth customer segmentation and on the development of a competitive value offering for the customers. The processes are executed in observance of the principles of transparency and partnership.

The Group’s market activity is based on the highest standards of compliance with legal and ethical standards, promotion of loyalty and partnership in business relations with all of the Company’s stakeholders. Referring their activities to the principle of customer focus expressed in the Parent Company’s Book of Organizational Values, the employees actively support the Group’s responsible and transparent operation on all the markets where its companies operate. Responsible and strategic market activities are revealed through the rewards and distinctions that the Group receives as well as satisfactory results of consumer polls.

“Your Opportunity” Śnieżka Foundation

The “Your Opportunity” Śnieżka Foundation is one of the most recognizable organizations of this type in the region. Operating as a public utility organization for 12 years, it supports education and comprehensive development of children and youth, by offering financial, organizational and material support for programs and projects carried out by educational, cultural and sports organizations in the area of health care, charity and social assistance. The Foundation also operates in the health care area, helping chronic patients and the disabled.

In 2016, the Śnieżka Foundation used PLN 1,078,001.13 for its statutory activity. The majority of the funds was used to assist the ill and the disabled. In 2016, the Foundation had 136 beneficiaries, which included, among others, children and adults with cancer, paralysis, suffering from genetic defects or victims of accidents. In 2016, the “Your Opportunity” Śnieżka Foundation paid PLN 796,362.74 for specialist procedures, therapies, rehabilitation or drugs, helping many those in need.

Other initiatives taken up by the Foundation include helping ambitious and talented young people who are not able to finance further development, even though they have the necessary knowledge and skills. In 2016, the Foundation designated PLN 108,796.00 to support 60 scholarship beneficiaries. Another major element of the Foundation’s work is support for local schools, kindergartens or sports clubs. Last year, PLN 73,903.69 was designated for this goal.

In 2016, the Foundation, acting in partnership with Fabryka Farb i Lakierów Śnieżka SA, launched an educational program named “Small world of big money”, targeted at 4th grade students of four primary schools located in the vicinity of the Parent Company’s headquarters. The main goal of the program is to launch the children in the world of economics, by carrying out a cycle of creative classes based on scenarios prepared by experts especially for this purpose. The closing of the project, which will be combined with a trip to Warsaw for all active participants, was planned in 2017.

Thanks to the help of the Founder, FFiL Śnieżka SA, which provided a donation of PLN 304,583.93 in 2016, the Foundation was able to reach many people in need, both children and adults.

In 2016, the Foundation raised PLN 523,559.08 through the 1% personal income tax donations.

“Children’s World in Colors”

By renovating and coloring children’s wards in hospitals all over Poland for 12 years now, the Parent Company has been improving the conditions in which the youngest patients are hospitalized in Poland.

The concept of the campaign was to change the hospital space, which is often unfriendly and in bad technical condition, into fairy-tale lands. This goal has been pursued through comprehensive activities, which include: preparation of walls for painting, selection of room colors, painting of the rooms and decorating them with fairy-tale motifs. The improved conditions of the hospitalization of the small patients also has a therapeutic dimension: the colorful space makes it easier to take the children's’ minds off the treatment process, giving them more psychological comfort and safety. So far, the Śnieżka program has been extended to 25 children’s wards across Poland. In 2016, two units were renovated:

Children’s Ward at the Pałuckie Health Center in Żnin,

Children’s Ward at the Independent Public Health Care Complex in Sanok

“Colorful Children’s World”

The social project targeted at hospitals is also pursued by the Company’s subsidiary Śnieżka - Ukraine. The “Colorful Children’s World” initiative is based on the same premises as the Polish edition of the “Children’s World in Color” program. In 2016, two wards in Ukraine were renovated under this project:

Children’s Ward at the Novoyavorivsk Regional Hospital

Children’s Ward at the Center of Mother and Child in Vinnitsa

“Colorful football pitches… or the First School League”

The “Colorful football pitches” project has been popularizing sports for a decade, creating the right conditions for the kids to spend their free time actively. The program also supports local infrastructure development, since it is targeted at towns of no more than 30 thousand inhabitants that usually lack true sports facilities.

The goal of this social program, which has been in place since 2006, it to integrate small town school communities around the idea of spending time actively, outdoors. According to its message, each Polish school in a small town has a chance of winning a full-size sports pitch and also many other valuable prizes from Śnieżka. A school may take part in the program if it submits an entry into a competition. In 2016, the 10th anniversary edition of the project involved 142 primary schools from across Poland and 96 of them, by satisfying the requirements of the competition received guaranteed prizes from FFiL Śnieżka SA, that is sets of paint. The 10th edition of the project has garnered significant interest from school communities from across Poland. In the duration of the program, the competition website was visited by almost 6 million users and more than 500 thousand votes were cast for the submitted entries in 2016. The first prize of the anniversary edition of the program was the Primary School in Manasterz in the Podkarpacie region.

“Small Designers”

This program, launched in 2016 by FFiL Śnieżka SA in partnership with the “Your Opportunity” Śnieżka Foundation was targeted at students of pre-school classes in eleven public kindergartens located in a direct neighborhood of the Parent Company. The purpose of the project is to provide art education to the youngest and develop their creativity and sensitivity through practical artistic experiences. During a course conducted by a painter in all the kindergartens participating in the program, large-format sculptures were created that went over and beyond the standard concept of art classes focused on “paper and crayons”. In the 2016 edition, the classes were attended by 550 children and each kindergarten received a set of materials to carry out creative art classes and a set of interior paints.